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Core Values

We commit ourselves to living and working in alignment with our Core Values:

We are Predictably excellent for all our partners

This has different meaning depending on the perspective. Predictability from an employee or potential employee’s perspective means that we work tirelessly to:

  • Build a culture of employees who are highly engaged, work smart, and get results
  • Build a well trained staff in both product and required knowledge for position
  • Set goals for people to follow and get everyone working in same direction
  • Provide monthly & quarterly updates to keep employees informed about company progress
  • Develop career paths to keep employees growing from within the company
  • Pay and offer benefits that are competitive
  • Maintain a flexible and adaptable working environment

We Value our People

  • People are the driving force that makes the company successful. Nothing is accomplished without people. We are committed to recruiting and hiring the best people in the industry. We are also committed to retaining people and takes great care in accomplishing this through competitive pay and benefits, the sharing of successes through profit sharing, developing current employees into future leaders and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We win with Integrity

  • Although our main goal is profitability, as is any other business, we never lose sight of the forest through the trees. We maintain every day to never compromise our integrity and our practices. We ensure great customer service, and reliable product lines, and never falling to the depths we believe is the principal reason we are where we are today.

We are focused on Growth

  • Simultaneously, we look to our past realizing how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown, and this propels us to the future where we strive to grow each and every day. We welcome partnerships that enrich us, and we take steps always to ensure our employees are given the kind of growth they expect in their career.

We get better every day

  • We are constantly evaluating our processes, tracking our competition, monitoring the market place and learning from both our industry partners and our employees in ways we can improve our product and service and then implement actions as quickly as possible in order to become a better company.