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Our company’s strength comes from our people, our employees, and our commitment to them.

Ray Harper - General Manager since 2009

Leaders don’t invest in buildings, they invest in people. You find the right people, you train them, you mentor them and as they becomesuccessful so will you.

Matt Taylor - Operations Manager since 2015

With 20 years of experience working in the manufacturing industry, Our people are the hardest working, customer driven group in the business. Presented with a challenge they will do whatever it takes to achieve a goal. Our management in turn works hard to value each and every employee in contributing to our goals.

Ramiro Alvarez - Production Manager since 2009

Our goal is to provide great customer service by producing excellent EAL quality products. The management team does it through Great leadership which in turn reflects through our dedicated and Loyal employees that work as a team to accomplish the goals we strive to achieve

Ann Perry - Office Manager since 2006

Informed, empowered and properly trained employees are one of our greatest assets

Tracy baker - Production Analysts & Safety Manager since 2015

Our Safety Program is part of our Culture, we are family and we take care of each other through training, mentoring and shadowing which net results is improved production and and committed injury free workplace

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